Jobs of Tomorrow(JoT) is a career education program for middle and high school students with a specific focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math(STEM). The mission of the program is to improve diversity in STEM fields by encouraging students from underrepresented groups to consider careers in STEM and see themselves as future leaders in these fields. 


The goal of the JoT program will be accomplished with the help of engaging talks given by inspirational professionals from several organizations and educational institutions. It is a multi-week program. Every week there will be a Career Talk which will typically last for about 30 minutes during which a professional will talk about their career path for about 30 minutes followed by a "Q&A session" where the students will be able to ask the speaker questions about their careers and about various topics in STEM.


The students would like to hear about the following from the speakers:

  • Their current interests and their interests in high school and college and if they have changed over time.

  • What led them to choose their current career path.

  • What they studied in high school and college and how it is relevant to their current job.

  • A brief overview of the company they work for.

  • Typical activities in their everyday work life.

  • What they like about their careers.

  • What lessons they have learned along the way.

  • If possible, students would like to see demonstrations of products or would like some hands-on activities. This isn’t required but if you have something to share it would be wonderful.

  • A projector will be provided, so you can present slides. If you do plan on presenting slides, please bring your personal laptop.


Some career talks will be given by remarkable students from colleges who have had some amazing accomplishments. The students would like to hear about the following from these well-accomplished students:

  • Their interests in middle school, high school, and college and if they have changed over time

  • Their role model(s)

  • What inspired them to choose their path

  • Why did they choose their current college

  • A typical day in college

  • What they like about college

  • What lessons they have learned along the way

In addition to career talks, some tours to local companies will be organized whenever possible. These tours will take about 60 minutes and will give students direct exposure to a professional workplace.

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