• Annika V

Biotechnology Research

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Our last speaker in the Jobs of Tomorrow program was Ms. Stephanie Logia, Senior Research Associate at Grail Inc. Stephanie grew up in Redwood city and studied genetics at UC Davis. She loves working in a laboratory and is very excited about science. She has been working on DNA sequence research for about five years.

Stephanie taught the students about DNA, proteins, and enzymes. She then showed us a video of how to extract DNA from our cheek cells.


Subsequently, she taught us to analyze the DNA using techniques like DNA Mircoarray and sequencing by synthesis.


Stephanie also brought some DNA analysis kit samples like DNA Microarray and Flow cell.

The students had a wonderful time learning something new. The students were very motivated by Stephanie's talk. They had a lot of questions which Stephanie answered very patiently.

Thank you Stephanie for helping the students understand about careers in biotechnology.


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