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Presentation - Building Inclusive Design Experiences

Updated: Jul 13

Many thanks to Gayatri Kini, founder and CEO of The Accidental Ally, an organization focused on making the internet accessible to all, regardless of their abilities, for taking the time to present to us. Also, thanks to Darsheill, an intern at the company, for teaching us how to make YouTube videos accessible.

Ms. Kini aims to change the way we think about accessibility; thinking of disabilities as a spectrum of the many stages of human life and the wide range of human capabilities rather than a set ability level.

With companies such as Apple and Microsoft starting to design accessible technology, it is becoming evident that technology companies need to do their part to create an environment friendly to everyone. Ms. Kini began her talk by outlining disability inclusion, accessibility basics, and inclusive design. Then, participants practiced using accessibility-friendly tools and techniques such as text-to-speech extensions and screen readers. Finally, participants learned how to make their technology accessible to all by incorporating design elements such as subtitles on videos and text descriptions of images. As the accessibility industry is worth 8 trillion dollars, which is the disposable income of those with disabilities and their families, there is a huge incentive for companies to become more accessible—which benefits everyone.

As Ms. Kini believes, “accessibility means access for everyone.” If you would like to learn more about The Accidental Ally, please check out their website here https://theaccidentalally.com/ and watch the webinar below.


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