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Cloud-based Point-of-Sale systems

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The students got an interesting talk from Mr. Flinchbaugh about point-of-sale systems that makes running business easier. Mr. Flinchbaugh started his presentation about his interests in engineering and science. He attended Leigh University and received his Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. Subsequently, he received his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He worked in the technology industry for a few years. Along the way, he became interested in the business side of things. So he went to UCLA Anderson school of business and received his MBA.

Mr. Flinchbaugh currently is a product manager for Clover Inc, which manufactures point of sale systems. He went on to educate the students about the role that a product manager plays in creating a product by using the slide shown below.

Mr. Flinchbaugh then explained what hardware and software pieces are required to make a point-of-sale system. The company manufactures the point-of-sale devices in China and sells it all over the country and many other parts of the world. The software they install on these devices enable business owners to process payments via credit cards, debit cards and gift cards. These devices can also scan checks and a cash register can also be added to it. The students had many questions such as how does the software detect fraud, how does the business owner get the real payment and who verifies that the user has money to buy the product.

Mr. Flinchbaugh also brought a model point-of-sale system so that the students could try out making a payment and processing it. The students were very excited to try it out. Thank you Mr. Flinchbaugh for teaching the students something new!


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