• Annika V

Computer Networking

The fifth speaker in the Jobs of Tomorrow program was Mr. Baldonado, Engineering Director at Facebook working on Networking Infrastructure. He began the talk by telling the students that "Don't let anyone tell you you are not good at this. You are very young. No one is ever to too old to get better."

Mr. Baldonado spoke about how his interests in science in middle school led him to choose an engineering major in college. He then spoke about the different roles he had in his career and how he thoughly enjoys his current role. He showed us the students images and videos of data centers and how the network cables are laid under the sea.

Ths students loved his talk and had several questions about how many computers fit in a data center, what type of computers Facebook uses, and how can the undersea cables be repaired. Mr. Baldonado answered many questions.


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