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All about Space Exploration

"How do planets form?

What type of information would you like to find out about Mars? How would you design a robot to do it?

How would different life forms survive in space or other planets?"

Dr. Kirven-Brooks said that Astrobiologists, Astrophysicists and scientists who study the universe try to find answers to these interesting questions.

Dr. Kirven-Brooks began her presentation by speaking about her journey in school at Brown and at MIT and how she found her true calling in Astrobiology. She talked about what she does on a daily basis at the Astrobiology Research Institute. Students had many questions about the Rover mission. She explained how they designed the robots and how it the Rover landed on Mars using parachutes.

Students then got a chance to participate in a group activity to design a robot for Mars mission. Students found the activity very interesting and came up with many cool ways to get soil samples, microorganisms etc. It was overall a very successful talk.

Since Dr. Kirven-Brooks did not get enough time to cover questions on college, she has gracefully agreed to return on May 15th. Thank you Dr Kirven-Brooks! You are truly an inspiration.


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