• Annika V

First Speaker - Sabrina Lee

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Today was the first day of the Jobs of Tomorrow program. Our first speaker was Ms. Sabrina Lee, who is currently a Healthcare Associate at Quid.

Sabrina was exceptional in keeping the students engaged throughout her presentation. She began with what does at work everyday and explained it in very simple terms. Then she talked about what she did in college and what she initially aspired to be. Sabrina explained why her initial goal changed and what path she took after college. She has had a very interesting career journey. Sabrina kept reiterating that at every stage we should be asking a lot of questions in order to understand what or why we are doing certain things. I loved the following slide which is very simple but is very insightful!

The students asked many questions ranging from what she enjoyed the most to if she had any regrets about her career choices. Sabrina's presentation was extremely interesting. Thank you Sabrina for inspiring the students!


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