• Annika V

JoT brings its program to Zimbabwe

In collaboration with Mr. Knowledge, founder of Purpose lab, I am happy to announce that Jobs of Tomorrow program piloted at Purpose Lab in Zimbabwe in May 2020. A few months ago, Mr. Knowledge started working with a team of 50 young Zimbabweans in the ages 14 to 23 to expose them to opportunities and resources, and to support them to lead purpose-driven lives. Both Mr. Knowledge and JoT program believe in giving students exposure to jobs of the future in STEM so that the students can apply science and technology in solving challenges and make new inventions.

Chatting with students in Zimbabwe

When I spoke to Mr. Knowledge he mentioned that the students only have data plan through their phone as internet is very expensive. WhatsApp chat was the preferred medium of communication. I wondered how I can bring the JoT program to Purpose Lab without us being in the same geographic location or without being connected via video. I decided to make the best of the situation that we are all in and designed the JoT program for WhatsApp chat. I hope the students get to learn a lot even with the modified format. I believe in always making the

best out of any situation.

Feedback after the first session