• Annika V

JoT reaches 1400+ students in India

Updated: Jul 14

Jobs of Tomorrow, in association with Ms. Sondhi from AICHLS, hosted a 2.5-hour STEM webinar for students in India. We live-streamed the program on YouTube, and over 1400 students watched the event live.

A huge THANK YOU to the passionate, inspiring, and accomplished speakers,

Dr. Raja Puragra GuhaThakurta, Dr. Jayender Jagadeesan, Dr. Archana Krishnan, Siddha Ganju, and Dr. Vinita Bharat.

It was truly a treat to learn from all the speakers about the exciting STEM careers ranging from bioengineering to astronomy.

I am sure it triggered new ideas in the minds of the students, generating new thoughts and aspirations for what they want to become when they grow up.

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion on "How to study during the lockdown". Our sincere appreciation to the wonderful panelists consisting of students and teachers, Dr. Raja (Puragra) GuhaThakurta, Smita Kolhatkar, Snehali Marimuthu, Arushi Agarwal, Anushka Tahiliani, and Ira Krishnan. It was wonderful to hear about strategies and techniques for remote learning from the panelists.

Panelists speaking about "How to study during the lockdown"

Click here to watch the video of the event.

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