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JoT Reaches 5,400+ students in Africa through the Africa Science Buskers Festival

Updated: Jul 12

Jobs of Tomorrow was honored to be a partner of the 2020 Africa Science Buskers Festival. I was fortunate to connect with passionate, inspiring, and accomplished professionals, Dr. Elizabeth Ofili, Dr. Iris R. Wagstaff, Ph.D., Dr. Raja (Puragra) GuhaThakurta, Dr. Jo Boaler, Dr. Patricia Silveyra, and Shreyansh Daftry was able to introduce them to Knowledge Chikundi, the founder of the Africa Science Buskers Festival. On Aug 29, 2020, at the festival, each of them presented for 30 minutes to over 5000 students across the African coninent about their STEM journey and interests. They covered topics such as "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mars Exploration" and "STEM Career Pathways Through a Chemistry Lens".T he event was broadcast live via Youtube. Many many thanks to the presenters for empowering young students to make a positive change in the world through scientific discovery and innovation!

I also ran a workshop for the students on "AI in Healthcare" at the festival at the African Science Buskers Festival to over 5,000+ students across multiple African countries.

The African Science Festival volunteers created whatsapp group chats to relay important information to many students who lacked good internet connectivity — similar to the way we ran the JoT program in Zimbabwe for 10 weeks.

Here is the feedback from Mr. Knowledge who is the founder of the festival.

"Thank you very much Dr. Ofili, Dr. Wagstaff, Dr. Silveyra, Dr. Boaler, Dr. GuhaThakurta, Mr Daftry and Annika!

It was great privilege for thousands of children to be empowered by your presentations. We had 27 WhatsApp groups with each group having a average of 200 children. We did WhatsApp groups for participants who did not have internet connections strong or reliable enough to watch the live broadcasts on Facebook or YouTube. Our teams of volunteers were busy posting all updates from your sessions in the WhatsApp groups as you spoke. This has a tremendous impact.

I was deeply touched by rural schools in Malawi and Zambia where they opened schools halls for children and parents to gather so they could watch the Festival. I have attached a video and photo sent to me by one of the school principals. "

To watch the videos click here:

Dr. Elizabeth Ofili - CGFO Foundation Technology – Empowering Girls Science Education in Rural


Dr. Raja GuhaThakurta - STEM Research Opportunities: Young People Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

Dr. Jo Boaler - Limitless Minds: The latest neuroscience and learning that shows you can learn anything

Dr. Iris Wagstaff - STEM Career Pathways Through a Chemistry Lens

Dr Patricia Silveyra Decoding the female lung

Shreyansh Daftry - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mars Exploration at NASA


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