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Software Developers

Kate Miller was the second presenter at the Jobs of Tomorrow program today.

Kate graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors in Computer Science. She enjoys working in the Heath Data Science team at Apple Inc. She was exceptional in keeping the students engaged throughout her presentation. The students had so many questions!

Kate began her presentation by showing us pictures of where she grew up. When Kate started High School in Ohio, she wanted to pursue many careers ranging from a translator to a poet to a robotics engineer to many other professions as shown in her slide below.

"Open Mind" was the key she said to finding out what she liked doing. Kate started dabbling in Robotics in her high school and fell in love with technology because her teacher, a military veteran, was very inspiring and encouraging. He was a very knowledgeable, a phenomenal teacher and an outstanding coach. She began her bachelors at UPenn and initially intended to pursue a bachelors in mechanical engineering but soon switched to Computer Science as her major when she realized she liked to code.

The students asked many questions like how many spoken languages she knew, how many robots she had built, what did the robots do, why she liked to code etc.

Kate then spoke about what software engineers do everyday, how they develop code and test it, and what drives them.

Kate listed out the different types of software engineers and talked about the differences between them. Like a software engineer can specialize in developing mobile applications or they can specialize in doing data analysis work and so on. So if someone is interested in writing games, they can specialize in that. The students were thrilled to hear that they could write their own games!

Kate then went on to give wonderful anecdotes like "Ask for Help" and "Its never to late to try new things". Students loved the one shown here.

Many wanted to know how they could go to college, what they had to study in high school in order to enroll in computer science, how they can get a good salary, and others. The most important questions asked were around affordability like "how much does it cost to go to college?" and "what if my parents cannot pay that much?". Kate let them know about scholarships that were financial-need based. Kate's presentation was very educational and interesting. Thank you Kate for inspiring the students and me!


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