• Annika V


Dr. Rao started his presentation by saying this "Premature babies are babies that are born very early i.e. before 36 weeks of gestation. Do you know approximately how much they weigh? Smallest premature babies weigh abut 2 coke cans." The students could not believe it.

Before the presentation, the students had no idea about neonatology. Dr. Rao explained that very premature babies need special doctors called Neonatologists. He went on to educate them about other problems that premature babies have to deal with like respiratory difficulties and problems with feeding. The neonatologists are trained to deal with these issues.

Dr. Rao had a hands-on activity for them using a baby doll. He taught them how to intubate a baby and give it CPR. Many students tried the activity. The students now know familiar with Neonatologists.


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