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Presentation - Successful Non-linear Career Path in STEM

Many thanks to Dr. Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo for taking the time to present to PAUSD students. Many thanks to Ms. Rachel Kaci for hosting us.

In her presentation, Dr. Sharon touched upon her journey, identity, and lessons. She talked about how she started as an engineer, got interested in medicine but then chose to pursue a doctorate in health policy and management. She told us that we all have multiple identities and we take these identities which define us everywhere with us. She shared her identities some of which are that she is a Ghanaian-American, a scientist, a public health professional, a children's book author, a wife, and a mother. Through her life experiences, she taught us that the success path is a squiggly line. It is not a straight line and every person's success looks different. At every step of her career and education path, Dr. Sharon learned something new, reevaluated her needs, goals, and priorities, sought support from her mentors and family, and changed course whenever required to help maintain balance and stay rooted.

Here is a video of Dr. Sharon's presentation:


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