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Presentation - Agriculture and Technology

Updated: Jul 13

Today, we piloted the JoT program for the students in Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey. The program was translated into Persian.

Many Many Thanks to Maria Fernanda Reyes for taking the time to present to us her inspiring story and for teaching us about Sustainability, Food Waste Reduction, and Agricultural Technology. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Kim at BDS for partnering with us and to Bilal for translating the program into Persian.

Maria spoke about how she followed the footsteps of her grandfather to become a fourth-generation Mexican farmer. She recounted how she traveled to the UK from Mexico in order to pursue her higher studies. She initially spoke no English in a foreign country and she was alone. Also, in order to support herself financially in the UK, she had to work as a store manager restocking toilet paper. Undeterred, she graduated from the University of Kent. Upon graduation, she worked for a few years at Cummins and set up their process plants in the US and other countries. Thereafter she returned to her roots in Mexico and founded several agriculture-based companies. Through her companies, she aids farmers in using biodegradable materials and sustainable methods of growing crops. In addition, she connects farmers with retailers so that they can easily gain access to sell their products.

In recognition of her work, Maria was awarded a scholarship to attend her dream school, the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Since then, she has traveled to numerous countries, from India to Mexico, educating farmers and understanding the many methods of farming that will aid her in helping these farmers gain a higher crop yield while creating healthy and sustainable food for the planet.

As she concluded her presentation, she advised the students that they have the potential to change the world, that they can be anything, and they should never take no for an answer. After the presentation, the students had some interesting questions such as will robots replace humans.

It was an amazing presentation! Here is the video of the presentation.


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