Annika Viswesh
Founder and President

Annika is a rising junior at Palo Alto High School. She became interested in Computer Programming in third grade when her teacher introduced her to Tynker, a visual programming platform. In middle school, she created Oculus Patch Assistant, a product that helps to simplify and improve Amblyopia treatment using a smart sensor and a smartphone application. Her nine-year struggle with Amblyopia pushed her to search for better ways to treat and manage this vision problem. Annika is Co-President of the Girls in the AI club and the Paly Chamber Musicians club in her school. She was also part of TEAM(Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science) clubs in her high school and qualified for Nationals in April 2019. She participates in science fairs and has qualified for CSSF and Broadcom Masters Top 30. She has taught computer programming to kids through free coding workshops at various libraries in the Bay Area. Annika plays violin with the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra in their Senior group. In her spare time, Annika enjoys reading, busking with friends, and listening to music.

Christina Owen

Christina of the Get Involved Foundation has over 15 years of experience in facilitating project-based learning that connects students to their interests, talents, and passions. Christina has worked with the Palo Alto Unified School district for over 13 years in various capacities such as Instructional Assistant (Special Ed.), AP/ACT/SAT Proctor and others. She is currently an English Teacher at Greene Middle School, Palo Alto. Christina has worked with students in all grades in a broad array, helping them to achieve positive learning and behavioral outcomes.

Locations and Site Leaders
  • Africa
    • Ghana​ and South Africa
      • Obed ​Dadzie, High School Student in Ghana, Founder of VOTM
    • Zimbabwe
      • Knowledge Chikundi​, Founder of Purpose Lab
  • Asia
    • India 
      • Annika Viswesh, High School Student in California​
  • Europe
    • United Kingdom
      • Obed Dadzie, High School Student in Ghana, Founder of VOTM
  • North America​
    • California​
      • Annika Viswesh, High School Student in California​
    • Haiti​
      • Liz Tillias, High School student in Haiti
      • Daniel Tillias​, Founder of Sakala
    • New York​​​
  • Mountain View, USA
    • Isabella Franco​, High School Student in California

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